About FF&R

Firearm Funerals & Resurrections, LLC

FF&R is a small one-man home-based Firearms Refurbishing shop.

Refurbishing an old beat-up, unwanted, neglected gun is an enjoyable challenge -- they become huggable in the process:

  • may be a gorgeous work of art,
  • or an old workhorse, kid's best friend, or truck gun,
  • or an old military warrior.

Sometimes, the gun may be too far gone to be Resurrected - so it deserves a proper Funeral. I take it down to parts to become an "Organ Donor" - to bring life back to other old needy guns.

To sustain this small business, I need your old unwanted or unneeded guns!

  • All Types
  • All Conditions
  • Fair Offers!

I sell my finished products, as they become available, on the Gunbroker auction site.

My Gunbroker Seller ID is DELSESTRGB